For its 100th exhibition, Galerie kreo has gathered together approximately a hundred pieces of contemporary and vintage design. They have one thing in common: all have already been presented in one of the 99 previous exhibitions, between 1999 and 2016. Together, they form the history of the discipline of kreo design, even as they question its materials and forms, or its hybridisation with other fields of creativity. As a retrospective of 17 years in the business, "Une pièce par jour" (1999 - 2016) (one piece a day) is a panorama of design made in kreo, a journey documenting what makes the gallery unique: that of offering designers a space that allows them to shape both their everyday intuitions and their visions of the extraordinary...

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Pictures from this exhibition

Available pieces
A Enigma stool
A Poltrona white gold armchair
B Wood work reading light
B hanging light
D Right Angle mirror
D Strap coffee table multicolor
H Fata Morgana mirror
F Cellae H6
F Melancholia mirror
H Bead Bulb Lamp
H Swatch coffee table
J Podium wood
J Museum Pieces - Cabinet A
J Museum Pieces - Cabinet B
J Variation #12 carrara tables
J Inuit mirror
J Grand central
K Chest S
K Jetdog table
K Hieronymus Wood
M Bended mirror #2
N Hanger
O Stool blue
P Crescendo table
P Platform large R coffee table
R Sleeping Cat Rug
R Assemblage N°5
S Frozen lamp bended
S Jin Compassion
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