103 | “monobloc”

FROM 19 janvier TO 25 mars 2017
OPENING 19 janvier 2017

Pictures from this exhibition


Galerie kreo is glad to present “monobloc”, a new group exhibition showcasing a selection of pieces by the emblematic designers of the gallery. “monobloc: made of one piece” is the common thread of this exhibition which presents seats and vases as well as contemporary and vintage lights.

“game on” side table – Jaime Hayon The piece by Jaime Hayon, which is part of the “Game on” collection developed around the theme of sport, is shaped in one single block of Carrara marble.

“ignotus nomen” coffee table – Pierre Charpin The coffee table “II” appears as a solid piece. The white object, leitmotif of this collection, is an integral part of the work, “inhabiting” it and bestowing its singularity. “Hieronymus marble” – Konstantin Grcic The Hieronymous Marble is made of a single material: white Carrara marble. The piece contains various functions: it can serve as a seat, writing desk, pedestal … Through the Hieronymous collection, Konstantin Grcic explores the different ways of taking possession of a seat and how these stimulate our concentration. “cellae H3” – François Bauchet For the “Cellae” collection François Bauchet uses an innovative material combining technical felt, resin and...

Available pieces

Image “Cellae H3“
Image “Cowbench“
Image Cup
Image Cup
Image “Fata Morgana“ Mirror
Image “Fruit Stand“
Image “Game On“ Side Table - Black Marble
Image “Game On“ Side Table - White Marble
Image “Geta Noire“ Coffee Table
Image “Hieronymus Wood“
Image “Ignotus Nomen“ Form
Image "Lampada senza luce"
Image “Light Screen“ Urumi - Brown
Image “Marble“
Image “Monolithe“
Image “Poltrona di Proust“ Bronzo
Image “Roches 5“
Image “Slim and Strong“
Image “Vol.II“ Stool