116 - ChromaticO - Jaime Hayon

FROM 29 novembre TO 2 février 2018
OPENING 28 novembre 2018

Pictures from this exhibition


Following his first solo exhibition « Game On » at Galerie kreo in 2015, ChromaticO by Jaime Hayon explores precious materials and colors, a joyful celebration of life.

A quest for freedom, for playfulness, underlines all the work by Jaime Hayon. It seems effortless, spontaneous, even easy. No one would imagine how much thought is given to each piece, how much dexterity is needed to create them. All the freshness that is present in his drawings, the first step of his creative process, is preserved until the final pieces. How he achieves this is a bit of a mystery. Especially since we learn about his meticulous attention to detail, his endless discussions with the craftsmen, the extensive research for making things in new and unexpected ways, the aim for perfection in execution. His new collection for Galerie kreo is titled “Chromatico” and, as always in his work method, it is based on exploration, this time for both color and materials, with special attention at the ability of color to transform an object, to become essential for its identity.

There are two main subjects in this body of work, each focused on a different noble material. In London the show will be devoted to a colorful group of vases made in hand blown Murano glass. Hayon first designed a special set of vases for the Milwaukee Art Museum Collection (“Afrikando”), using the hard rough finish of the African...

Available pieces

Image "2095/9" grey
Image “Hymy“ Round coffee table - Black & White