Reflections on the mirror for the new mirrors commissioned from 21 designers: To begin with, we must insist on the difficulty in defining the mirror, this surface which is saturated with innumerable paradoxes (front/back, light/dark, illusion/truth, feminine/masculine, domestic/public, intimate/social, friend/enemy, virtue/vice, static/nomad, opaque/transparent, solid/ fluid, concave/convex, discreet/decorative, religious/profane ...) which in themselves explain the interest it has never ceased to provoke. Among these confrontations, lets deal with the feminine and the masculine first. The mirror is present at every stage of the life of a woman, companion to her feminine desires, (Le maquillage des lèvres, an erotic Papyrus of Turin, Musée d’art égyptien), pleasures and secrets. In ancient times it was part of the funerary rite, bearing witness to the refinement, elegance and beauty of the dead woman. In the middle ages, the mirrors were referred to as « demoiselle » or « valet », or hidden in ivory sculpted valves...

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