For its inaugural show of 2012 the gallery presents “Tandem” A free association of furniture and objects. This is not a rhetorical demonstration, but a play of association, pairs: either literal, conceptual or empirical, which shines a new light on existing works. Nine couples or “tandem” formed by affinity, analogy, or chosen for their apparent contradiction— all sharing a radical approach to design. . The "Bandeau Mural" by Martin Van Severen and the "Cork" bench by Martin Szekely A formal complicity. Two parallelepipeds open and close, both support and contain: a bookshelf/console and a bench/storage But the two pieces are produced in contradicting materials: one in aluminum, an industrial composite and the other in cork of natural essence. . The "Frozen Cabinet" by Wieki Somers and the "Whippett Bench" by RADI designers Frozen images, in the literal and imagined sense. The Frozen Cabinet, is caught in ice. The Whippett like an extruded image, Time materialized. . The "Back Pack Sofa" by Hella Jongerius and the "Roches" by Erwan et Ronan Bouroullec A dream, or an invitation to travel...

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J Cowbench
P Occasional stool
R Rock 5
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