François Bauchet is showing nine pieces. The series is called cellae, it is a composition of storage units, tables of different heights and shelves.A clear-colored felt regularly punctured and soaked in a polymer-tinted resin, constitutes the unique material of this collection. The unity of the material echoes the unity of the design and its rhythm. The formal vocabulary repeats itself in an identical manner, following a single modular logic. Only dimensions change, in response to the scale of each piece, while remaining attentive to its function. cellae is a line anchored with repetition and marked by its fracture. A pace and discontinuity governed by variations: the clear concentration of vocabulary reinforces its strength, while provoking an emotional response. It is within these self-inflicted constraints – material, drawing, number, functions – that the force of this collection persists. The characteristics of tension and release (possibly the most fascinating side of what design and architecture have developed) guide its lines...

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Available pieces
F Cellae Desk
F Cellae desk
F Cellae H3
F Cellae H3 Wall-mounted shelf
F Cellae H5
F Cellae H6
F Cellae H6
F Cellae ivory bench - Large
F Cellae ivory console
F Cellae table
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