The upcoming exhibition at Galerie kreo ‘Contrast Control’ proposes a visual game with pieces which greatly differ in sizes. Placing the large and small to- gether gives us another reading of the purpose of the designer, and brings a new perspective on the pieces. We will show for the first time the ‘Crescendo’ dining table by Pierre Charpin, the ‘Niebla’ coffee and dining table by Hella Jongerius, as well as, the ‘Grand Central’ floor light by Joschua Brunn. Crescendo collection by Pierre Charpin Two tables, a dining table and a coffee table, are covered with mosaics...

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Pictures from this exhibition

Available pieces
F Cellae table
H Niebla coffee table black
H Niebla table pink
J Grand central
K Jetdog table
P Crescendo table
R Stool
S Frozen lamp bended
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