Galerie kreo is proud to present "shades of variety", a group exhibition that applauds the last 10 years of collaborations between the gallery and outstanding designers. Ranging from lighting to vases, from mirrors to tables and jewellery, the show includes: 'Assemblage #5' Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Assemblage #5 from the collection ‘Assemblages’ is a flexible furnishing element that fuses different functions within the same piece. The different shelves are adjustable both in height and arrangement (forward and backward) and therefore they serve different purposes. Against the wall or as a room divider the piece provides the perfect stage for hosting and showing objects. Reminding of the name of the exhibition itself, the elements present multiple shades of white. Stoolbox David Dubois (2007) Inspired by everyday objects, David Dubois enriches an ordinary cardboard box by covering the top with black leather...

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Pictures from this exhibition

Available pieces
A Tournesol mirror
D Sample mirror
D Stoolbox
D Strap coffee table multicolor
D Kundan sideboard
F Arc small lamp
F Estampé mirror
F Melancholia mirror
G Crater gold mirror
H Mini Swatch coffee table
J 3-legged Stool
J TOOW4L table
J Variation #16 carrara tables
J Petit central color
K Table M smoke
M Embryo chair
P Ignotus Nomen lamp
P Ruban vase
P Vase Dalle blue
R Assemblage N°5
S Chuugi Devotion
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