“Marbles & Clowns”: as titles go, this one couldn’t really be any clearer about what lies in wait at this exhibition. First up, the marbles. These come in the form of consoles and low tables. And then there are the clowns. Or, to be more precise, ten clown faces, which appear on the immaculate porcelain sides of the vases – the so-called “Charpin vases” – that I designed several years ago for the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, one of France’s best-known ceramic factories. I say “appear”, but what the faces really do is inhabit or adorn these pieces, like make-up fit for the stage. So there we have it: “Marbles & Clowns”. And in that order… it just sounds better, and you can never underestimate the importance of a title. But also because that’s the order they arrived on the page: the marbles simply came to me first. The clowns followed later… they weren’t part of the programme, not least because there never was a programme. Once again, the only entities were the unknown – the unexpected...

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P M&C high console – carrara
P M&C Side Table
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